Arts-Scène Diffusion



Bach for 3 or 4

Violin and basso continuo sonata & cantata extracts

"Eilt ihr Stunden" in e, BWV 30
Sonate for violin & basso continuo  (largo e minor, presto in G), BWV 1021 
"Auch mit gadänften" in G, BWV 36 
Sonata for violin & basso continuo (Prélude, adagio, allemande) in e, BWV 1023
"Ich ende behende" in g, BWV 57 

Sonata for violin and basso continuo (adagio and vivace) in g, BWV 1021
"Wer ein Wahrer Christ will heissen" in d, BWV 47 
Sonata for violin and harpsichord (largo) in e, BWV 1019
"Wenn dit Frülingschüfte" in e, BWV 202
"Ich bin vergnugt", BWV 58
"Bereite dir Jesu", BWV 14


Distribution: soprano, violin, (cello), positive organ

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