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Flute, it's Bach ...

Flute, it's Bach ...

Soprano, flute, two violins, viola, cello, harpsichord


When Johann Sebastian Bach's genius takes counterpoint to compose not only his mysterious fugues but also most of his works, he creates a polyphonic world apart, using multiple voices that respond to each other, singers, violins, basso continuo , and also wind instruments, which are often true soloists.

Our ensemble therefore wished to invite a flute to accompany its soprano, and naturally interpret two magnificent cantatas, the famous Ich habe genug (BWV 82a), originally for bass and oboe and adapted by Kantor himself for soprano and flute, and the profane cantata Non sa che sia dolore, one of his rare profane cantatas in Italian, but also the fifth Brandenburg Concerto and his whimsical cadenza for harpsichord, and the Suite for orchestra in B minor, which the famous Badinerie finale puts the flute so well ...


Fifth Brandenburg Concerto - BWV 1050
Cantata No sa che sia dolore - BWV 209


-------------------------------- Pause ---------------------------------


Suite for orchestra in B minor - BWV 1067
Cantate Ich habe genug - BWV 82a


Total duration of the concert: approximately 1h40