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In the whirlwind of the Serenissima

In the whirlwind of the Serenissima

Magali Léger, two violins, viola, cello, harpsichord

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the Republic of Venice is no longer at its peak and its inhabitants, aware of this slow decline, turn to its artists and especially one of his kings, Antonio Vivaldi, the red priest, asthmatic , violinist diabolically virtuous and surrounded by women ... Fashion is then opera, and as the composer, although having vowed poverty, does not disdain the ducats, he composes dozens of operas of which only one twenty have reached us.

We chose the most beautiful tunes for soprano, extracts of works known as La fida ninfa, which received the honors of the microsillon in 1965 or rarities like Orlando Finto Pizzo, his first opera premiered in Venice in 1714. Without going as far as depriving the amateurs of vocalizations prestissimo, we have retained the most delicate moments, when the amorous enthusiasm is mixed with the anxiety of the infidelity, thus the swallows of the swallow evoked by the Ersilla aria which closes the concert...


String Concerto n°5 in C, RV 114

The verità in cimento, RV 739
Air Rosane, Amato ben, you are the mia speranza
The fida ninfa, RV 714
Air of Licori, Alma oppressed so crudele

String Concerto n°1 in g, RV 157

The fida ninfa, RV 714
Air of Morasto, Tell me! Ditelo al fine
Bajazet, RV 703
Air Irene, Sposa her disprezzata

Il Tigrane, RV 740
Air d'Oronte (transcribed for soprano), Se lascio d'adorare
The fida ninfa, RV 714
Air of Licori, He mio core has chi la diede

Sonata in trio "La Folia", op. 1 n°12, RV 63

The verità in cimento, RV 739
Air of Rosane, Solo quella guancia bella
Orlando Finto Pazzo, RV 727
Air of Ersilla, Garrisce the rondinella

Nisi Dominus, RV 608


Total duration of the concert: approximately 1h30

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