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Handel in Italy

Handel in Italy

Sacred Music

HAENDEL, Georg Friedrich
Gloria in excelsis deo
Sonata, op. 2 n°5
Salve Regina
Sonata, op. 5 n°6
Coelistis dum spirat


Distribution :
Magali Léger soprano
Guillaume Humbrecht violin 
Marieke Bouche violin
Julie Blais positive organ (& harpsichord)


Mottetti e Sonate da chiesa

Mottetti e Sonate da chiesa

Magali Léger, soprano
Tami Troman violin
Guillaume Humbrecht violin
Nicolas Crnjanski cello
Julie Blais harpsichord & organ

Musica Ficta, 2009

During his time in Italy between 1706 and 1710, Handel’s talent soon earned him the patronage of important dignitaries and well-known patrons of the arts, such as Cardinals Ottoboni and Pamphili, and above all Francesco Ruspoli, Prince of Cerveteri. For these he wrote numerous cantatas which he would later draw on as source material for his operas, as well as several motets for solo voice and strings.

The present recording features three of the most beautiful motets of that period, including the much-discussed Gloria very recently attributed to Handel. Alternating with these vocal pieces, well served by the talents of soprano Magali Léger, the ensemble RosaSolis perform two trio sonatas of Italian inspiration: these may have been written during Handel’s time in Italy, when he was privileged to meet Corelli, the unchallenged master of the genre.


Haendel - Salve Regina

First movement
Concert recorded during the Festival de Souvigny (Allier) in Septembrer 2010


Handel, Allegro


Coelestis Dum Spirat Aura - Sonata

Georg Friederic Handel, Coelestis Dum Spirat Aura

Georg Friedrich Haendel - Gloria in excelsis Deo

extract of the CD "G.F. Haendel, Mottetti e Sonate da chiesa"

Haendel, Trio Sonata op.2 n°5 - Larghetto

Georg Friederic Handel, Trio sonata in g minor, op.2 n°5

Handel, “Salve Regina mater misericordiae” - Largo

Georg Friedrich Haendel, Salve Regina

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