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After eight years of performing together, the SpiriTango Quartet nowproposes mind-blowing original versions which are almost transgressive. They bring a freshness and a novelty which goes beyond the scope of traditional tango.
Indeed most of the pieces on the album are French works from modern-day composers, adding another dash of boldness. Such was SpiriTango’s original aim: to assert themselves with a great deal of personal inspiration.
As one of many diverse transgressions, here the accordeon completely replaces the bandoneon –the emblematic tango instrument– while bringing a palette of unique colours. Returning this instrument to its rightful position has been the quartet’s challenge for many years.
At the heart of the programme, SpiriTango premieres the Opale Concerto for accordeon and orchestra, composed by Richard Galliano and arranged for a chamber orchestra performance.
We also revisit the famous Astor and his Camorra III, echoing the mafia world of his era. Piazzolla was a transgressor throughout his life and the creator of concert tango, called nuevo tango. His Romance del diablo is performed here, for the first time ever, as a quartet version. This work contains heartrending harmonies, leading to damnation.
The ensemble doesn’t only focus on famous tango pieces, but significantly promotes two young French composers, Matthieu Stefanelli and Alexandre Fontaines, through two original works: Cabeceo and Para descansar. In the world of tango and of music in general, which is male-dominated, SpiriTango has taken on another important battle: to bring female composers into the limelight. On this occasion, it is Graciane Finzi, with her Impression Tango.  
Finally we are transported to Latin America with the Argentinian composer Luis Caruana through the famous Brazilian pieces Odeon and Tico-Tico. These exhilarating hits with swaying rhythms have been entirely arranged by the group. They put forward a personal version which goes beyond the codes of the classical music world.


Milonga Pa' la Mattina *


De Abreu
Tico Tico no fubá

Vuotonga *

Cabeceo *

Opale Concerto


Impression Tango *

Para Descansar

Romance del Diablo
Camorra III

possible programm in quartet or with guest: Vassilena Serafimova or Adélaïde Ferrière (percussions)





Fanny Azzuro, piano
Fanny Gallois violon
Thomas Chedal, accordéon
Benoît Levesque, contrebasse

Paraty, 2018

Milonga Pa'la Mattina      Luis Caruana
Odeon                               Ernesto Nazareth
Tico-Tico no fuba             Zequinha de Abreu
Vuotonga                          Luis Caruana
Cabeceo                           Matthieu Stefanelli
Opale Concerto               Richard Galliano
Impression Tango           Graciane Finzi
Para Descansar               Alexandre Fontaines
Romance del diablo        Astor Piazzolla
Camorra III                       Astor Piazzolla


Teaser TrANsGressiOns - short version

New album TrANsGressiOns

Teaser TrANsGressiOns - long version

New album TrANsGressiOns

SpiriTango Quartet and Vassilena Serafimova percussions

Milonga pa' la mattina de Luis Caruana Extrait du disque TrANsGressiOns Paraty/PIAS

Stefanelli, Cabeceo (2013)

Salle Cortot (Paris), 26th March 2016


De Abreu, Tico tico no fuba


Caruana, Milonga Pa' la Mattina


Piazzolla, Romance del Diablo