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Teaser of the book-CD

The Boots of seven leagues, or the New exploits of Tom Thumb become mail!

The story begins where the tale of Charles Perrault ended. Tom Thumb becomes the king's courier and distributes the letters of the court. Thom Thumb, thanks to his Magic Boots and a talking horse, has become the most famous mail in France but also the most lonely ... A musical journey in the universe of the diligence, the mail-case, the Ogre and Tom Thumb! A musical tale written and directed by Armelle Bossière, based on an idea by Alice Julien-Laferrière, told by Jean-Denis Monory and illustrated by Claire Fanjul; in partnership with the Musée de la Poste, Paris. An exhibition of illustrations of the book and performances of the show, performed by Ensemble Artifices, which is at the origin of the project, are also planned as part of its reopening in autumn 2019. A production LittleVillage (harmonia mundi), Executive production TAKLIT!