Arts-Scène Diffusion


11:00 Quatuor Danel Rosendal Norway Rosendal Chamber Music Festival
Prokofjev, Sjostakovitsj, Krein


14:15 Bruno Helstroffer Brugge Belgium MaFestival
Sint-Vincentiuskerk Ramskapelle
Calling The Muse


17:00 Quatuor Akilone Châteloy (03) France
Church of St-Pierre
Haydn, Xu Yi, Beethoven


20:30 Fanny Azzuro Vallouise (05) France Musiques en Écrins
St Etienne's Church


20:30 Pascal Amoyel Pons (17) France Festival des Eurochestries
Medieval keep
Totentanz, Liszt


21:00 Emmanuelle Bertrand Chirens (38) France
Priory of Chirens
Complete suite of Bach 2/2


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