Arts-Scène Diffusion


Guillaume Coppola Arbois (39) France
Church of Saint Just
Brahms, Schubert

with Chorus Opus 39 and Hervé Billaut, piano

15:30 Trio Zadig Griselles (45) France
La Fontaine Castle
Chostakovitch, Dvorak, Brahms


17:00 RosaSolis Le Havre (76) France Résonances
City Hall Theater
Flute, it's Bach!

Soprano, flute, two violins, viola, cello, harpsichord
Fifth Brandenburg Concerto - BWV 1050
Cantata No sa che sia dolore - BWV 209
Suite for orchestra in B minor - BWV 1067
Ich habe genug cantata - BWV 82a

17:00 Pascal Amoyel Paris (75) France
Le Ranelagh Theater
Looking for Beethoven