Arts-Scène Diffusion

Canticum Novum




Ambronay, 2019

Barbara Kusa singing
Emmanuel Bardon singing & leading
Aliocha Regnard nyckelharpa
Valérie Dulac vièles & lyre bow
Philippe Roche oud
Gwénaël Bihan recorders & bagpipes
Henri-Charles Caget percussion

Music in the time of St. Francis of Assisi

Canticum Novum sheds new light on the wonderful medieval repertory of Tuscan laude. Taken from the Laudario di Cortona, these popular sacred songs of praise from the time of St Francis of Assisi, overflowing with poetry and sunshine, are transcended by Emmanuel Bardon and his ensemble.


Lauda n°38 - Sia laudato San Francesco


Istampitta - Trotto


Lauda n°19 - Cristo è nato et humanato


Lauda n°24 - De la cruel morte di Cristo


Lauda n°8 - Saltarello III, Altissima Luce


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