Arts-Scène Diffusion

Huntley Dent, Fanfare Magazine, July/August 2015

Charming doesn’t spring to mind when reviewing Rachmaninoff’s piano music, but the young French pianist Fanny Azzuro delivers a reading of the Corelli Variations that is nothing less […] Azzuro’s reading struck me as unusually light, even puckish. She doesn’t betray or distort the music; it’s all a matter of touch, with clarity and detail predominating […] Azzuro plays the work in front of a live […] crowd with convincing verve and swing. As a capper to a recital that’s all about rhythm as a guiding thread, the Kapustin is thoroughly enjoyable. But so is the entire program, and it whets my appetite to hear Azzuro’s future projects. Very clear, natural piano sound, too.