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Beethoven, if you hear us...



In 2020, we will celebrate 250 years of this great composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Faithful to the spirit of the Symphonie de Poche, this tribute will take a particular form: a great symphony of about an hour and a half, each movement of which will illuminate a feature of the personality of this musical genius.

Through this "psychological symphony" adapted to the size of the Symphonie de Poche, the entire work of the composer will be approched His symphonic work in the first place, but also his chamber music, for solo piano, vocal and religious. This project is as much an "immersion-discovery" in the composer's world as a musical proposal addressed to the artist's connoisseurs. His psychologicobiographical plot will be entrusted to Tristan Labouret, while Robin Melchior will shape the musical material.



La Symphonie de Poche - Beethoven, si tu nous entends



Beethoven, if you hear us... (fr)
Beethoven, if you hear us... (fr)