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With Rémy Poulakis, tenor


This new program is in line with those, more popular, offered by the Pocket Symphony since 2016 (with Francis Blanche in the Party of laughing in 2016, or Bourvil, 100 years in 2018/2018).
The 50th anniversary of the death of this very endearing artist, Luis Mariano, is an opportunity to pay homage to his extremely eclectic career.

A solar voice, a bright smile, a Mediterranean accent ...
Mariano Eusebio González y García, also known as Luis Mariano, was born in Irun, Basque Country, in 1914. He died in Paris on July 14th, 1970. 

Known mainly as a singer-songwriter and operetta singer, Luis Mariano is also, at the beginning of his career, an opera singer. After studying singing at the conservatory of Bordeaux, he trained in Paris in bel canto in the purest Italian lyrical tradition. Although very attached to his Basque culture of origin, he is paradoxically perceived as representative and broadcaster of the Latin culture.

Alternating songs (Basque, Neapolitan, French, Spanish) from his repertoire, operetta arias, symphonic works related to the territories he has crossed and sung, this program wishes to return Luis Mariano to his native Basque Country while saluting the ambassador of a Latin culture that he exported to the American continent.

Songs and Classical Music - Arrangements: Lucas Henri, Vincent Melchior, Vincent Buffin, Pierre-Olivier Schmitt, Nicolas Simon

Direction: Nicolas Simon
13 musicians + singer (string quintet, accordion, harp, flute, 2 clarinets, baritone saxhorn, percussion, conductor)

75min without intermission


La Symphonie de Poche - Mariano (arrangement Lucas Henri)