Arts-Scène Diffusion

Emmanuelle Bertrand


Requiem Sonata. Trio with piano

Olivier Greif

Requiem Sonata. Trio with piano

Harmonia Mundi, 2013

Emmanuelle Bertrand - cello
Pascal Amoyel - piano
​Antje Weithaas - violin

I have never composed so much in my life. If I ask myself the reasons for such profusion, I realise that it is because I have nothing else in my life but music. If I stop composing, I die’, Olivier Greif wrote after finishing his Trio in 1998. This CD presents two deeply moving works by a true citizen of the world, indifferent to the aesthetic confrontations that marked the half-century of his life. 1950-2000: between these two dates lay ‘a convoluted path through shadows and light, where hope and despair are intertwined like two lianas issuing from a single stump’ (Brigitte François-Sappey).

This title was released for the first time in 2006.

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