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Topkapi Istanbul, 1550

Topkapi Istanbul, 1550

Music in the time of the Ottoman Empire

It is in Ottoman hearth that it is born, in the 16th century, one of the most refined music of the Near and Middle East. This palatine music, founded on the maqam, has bloomed through the centuries. It has always been favored by music-loving sultans. Its influences are multiple. Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Byzantine, Armenian, and even Gypsy melodies had a determinant influence on the development of Ottoman music. The military, the religious and the aristocracy practiced and developed, each one in its their own way, a specific musical form to ennoble themselves and affirm the symbol of their power. Just like a banner, music had as much a social function as an aesthetic one. Thus, a delicate and diversified music enriched itself, by assimilating every cultural aspect of one of the great Muslim empires.


Topkapi (Teaser) from Les Films de la Découverte on Vimeo.

Topkapi - teaser



Altim Tasta + Rast Nakis

Extract of Topkapi Istanbul, 1550

Semsiyemin + Armen Aravod


Numi Numi Yaldati


Una matica de ruda




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