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Canticum Novum


Sefardi #2

Sefardi #2

Musics and lyrics of exile and refuge

Alongside the actor Philippe Mathé, Canticum Novum evokes in a simple and sensitive way the land of welcome and the refuge, emphasizing hospitality as the foundation of our society and our relationship to the other whoever he is .

Following the journey of the Sephardim from Spain to the Ottoman Empire, Canticum Novum highlights the movement of people and cultures, sources of all musical crossbreeding. The Ensemble rediscovers Sephardic music repertoires and creates links between Western European music and the repertoire of the Mediterranean basin, rich in the union of the Christian world and an Orient marked by a double Jewish and Moorish heritage. Alongside the musicians, Philippe Mathé evokes the departure, the crossing, the exile and finally the erasure of the borders through the prism of big names of the literature.


Distribution :
Emmanuel Bardon, Barbara Kusa voice
Aliocha Regnard nyckelharpa & fidula
Ismaïl Mesbahi percussions 
Philippe Roche oud
Philippe Mathé comedian

5 musicians et 1 comedian

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