Arts-Scène Diffusion

Claire-Marie Le Guay


En amour avec Chopin


He has just published Dictionnaire amoureux de Chopin, she has been playing his music with passion since she was very young. One dives into the composer's shadowy areas, the other gives flesh to his illuminations. 
Olivier Bellamy and Claire-Marie Le Guay combine their talents and go to meet the noble and torn soul of the piano. 
A lively, spontaneous and complicit dialogue.

1h15 without intermission


Musical programme:

Waltz op. 34 n.2
Etudes op. 10 n.11, op. 25 n.10
Polonaise-Fantaisie op. 61
Funeral March
Mazurkas op. 7 n.2, op. 68 n.1
1st concerto (extract)
Nocturne op. 15 n.1
Scherzo n.2


Claire-Marie Le Guay, piano
Olivier Bellamy, narrator


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