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Bach Project


After exploring music from Central Europe with their first album Est and revisiting the works of Piazzolla and Gardel with Tanguillo, François Salque and Vincent Peirani dedicate their new album to the musical universe of Jean-Sébastien Bach. The reinterpretation offered by this fantastic pair is nourished by the mesmerizing and incredibly varied sounds of their two instruments, at the confluence of classical music and jazz, in perpetual reinvention.

Bach's works are the source of a transformative inspiration, the gift of an amazing sense of crossings, tasteful, cascading improvisations and evocative (re)creations. Alongside the traditional choruses, sarabandes and other preludes, works specially composed by and for the duet testify that, reinvested by such inspired musicians, Bach's music still has a lot to tell!

« Absolutely phenomenal » review of their first album « Est » elected « Citizen jazz ».

« A brand new langage appears: radiant, provocative, tearing or jubilant! » Sud-Ouest


Johann Sebastian Bach Le Clavecin bien tempéré - Prélude N°3
Brad Mehldau Rondo Bach (d’après le Prélude N°3 du Clavecin bien tempéré) 
CPE Bach Solfeggietto
Vincent Peirani Choral/Firewall/Untitled Suite
Johann Sebastian Bach Sonatas for three voices
Vincent Le Quang  «Blue Inventions» (Création spécialement écrite pour BACH PROJECT)
Olivier Messiaen, Choral dans le style de Bach
Heitor Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasileiras
Villa-Lobos / Peirani / Salque Bachianas Brasileiras…
Johann Sebastian Bach Choral
Félix Mendelssohn Adagio
Peteris Vasks Le Chateau Intérieur
Johann Sebastian Bach Sarabande and Prelude in G Major 
Michel Portal / Duo Salque/Peirani CuBach si Cuba no…
Astor Piazzolla / Jocelyn Mienniel / Vincent Peirani Seul tout seul - Inventions...
Grappelli / Bach / Salque / Peirani Medley !


Example of a programme:
Vincent Peirani Choral
Brad Mehldau Bach Rondo 
CPE Bach Solfeggietto
Felix Mendelssohn Adagio
Heitor Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasileiras
Michel Portal / Peirani / Salque CuBach si Cuba no...


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