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Fanny Azzuro


Landscapes of the soul

Landscapes of the soul

The Complete preludes of Rachmaninov


The complete works 
24 Preludes
Prelude, op. 3 n°2 (1892)
10 Preludes, op. 23 (1901-1903)
13 Preludes, op. 32 (1910)


The Landscapes of the Soul: 24 Preludes

The Landscapes of the Soul: 24 Preludes

Rubicon, 2021

‘Recording the complete Preludes is like painting notes with an unlimited palette of sound!’ writes pianist Fanny Azzuro in the notes to her debut album for Rubicon. ‘Playing this music is exhilarating. The danger is that you lose control of your emotions and yield to the temptation to pile on the pathos in music that is so naturally expressive…’



Fanny Azzuro – The Landscapes of the Soul – Rachmaninov

The Landscapes of the Soul – The complete Préludes of Rachmaninov

Sergei Rachmaninov – Prélude 7, Op. 23

Fanny Azzuro, piano


CD Release : Oct. 22, 2021 – Label Rubicon Classics – Pias


Production : Gérôme Barry
Image : Rachid Khafague, Stanislas Cadéo de Iturbide
Installation / calibration / infography : Frédéric Geffroy
Illustrations : Valentine Franssen – Agence Ysée
Sound : Etienne Collard
Venue : Auditorium de Vincennes
Piano Yamaha CFX
Technician : Guillaume Leroux


Yamaha Pianos
Agence Ysée
Tom Collins Films & Co
Hapax Films
Prima la Musica

Rachmaninov's prelude 2 opus 32.

Bastille Design Center - Summer 2020

Neutra Productions Yamaha Pianos

Rachmaninov Prélude n ° 12 op. 32

Fanny Azzuro, piano
Concert Saint-Tropez 26 Sep 2019
Cinema-Theater the Renaissance
Rachmaninov, Prelude n ° 12 op. 32


The russian soul (FR)
The russian soul (FR)
The russian soul (EN)
The russian soul (EN)

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