Arts-Scène Diffusion

Fanny Azzuro


A meeting with Robert Schumann

A meeting with Robert Schumann

Text Alain Duault

We are on February 6, 1854, at Robert Schumann's, in his house in Düsseldorf, a few tens of meters from the Rhine. The composer is 43 years old: in three weeks, on February 27, he will throw himself into the river. For the moment, he is in his office on the ground floor, with an open piano, a table in front of which he is seated in an armchair, with some handwritten scores placed on it. He looks tired, sometimes absent, at the same time welcoming and distant.

A journalist comes to see him to try to make him tell, to go back up the course of his life: memories come back, sometimes in words, sometimes in music.


Arvor's Patrick Poivre is Robert Schumann, a pianist, Fanny Azzuro, is the shadow of Clara, the musical memory of Robert Schumann, Alain Duault is the journalist who tries to map this painful and creative path.

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