Arts-Scène Diffusion

Guillaume Coppola


Miroirs brûlants

Melodies composed by Poulenc on poems from Paul Eluard


Concert-lecture imagined by Marc Mauillon, Guillaume Coppola and Didier Sandre


Among the poets set to music by Francis Poulenc, Paul Eluard holds a preponderant place. The two men have great admiration for each other: "Francis, I didn’t listen to myself / Francis, I owe it to you to hear me" wrote Eluard in his poem to Poulenc. Likewise Poulenc praises this "warm, soft and violent voice in turn [...] all his work is musical vibration". We invite you to follow this poetic and musical path of 23 years that make up the melodies of the duo Eluard / Poulenc, to savor these sensual harmonies, this vibration of words, this brilliant prosody of Poulenc, accomplished from the first melodies.

This program is offered in two versions: a song-piano recital, or a concert-reading in trio composed of melodies, solo piano and reading of letters and poems (with Didier Sandre, from French comedy).


13th Piano Improvisation


Have a good day
An empty shell ruin
The forehead like a lost flag
A trailer covered in tiles
To all flanges
Poor grass
I have no desire but to love you
Burning and fierce force figure
We did the night



You see the evening fire
I will name your forehead
That sweet little face
3rd Novelette for piano
Hand dominated by the heart
… But to die



Pablo Picasso
Marc Chagall
Georges Braque
Juan Gris
Paul Klee
Juan Miro
Jacques Villon



Texts extracted from Journal of my melodies, The fertile eyes, Interviews with Claude Rostand, Interviews with Stéphane Audel, Dying not to die, Immediate life, Writings on Art, Giving to see, Time overflows.


Duration: 1 hour


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