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Guillaume Coppola


Ode to Nature

In harmony with the Elements


For the past few years, Guillaume has been withdrawing to the countryside whenever he can, where he finds a calm conducive to inspiration and concentration. This is where the programme Musiques du silence was born, performed many times in concert and recorded in 2019 by Eloquentia (5 Diapasons, 5 Classica stars, L'Obs selection, Le Monde...). And it is again in this haven of peace, influenced by the colours of the seasons and the dialogues of birds, that he has conceived this new recital in the form of a praise of nature in its four fundamental elements, around the central figure of Beethoven.

"In these troubled times, when climate issues are finally coming to the fore, when we are questioning our contemporary lifestyles and a possible return to basics, I wanted to pay tribute to Mother Nature by playing works evoking water, earth, air and fire, as well as the poetic feelings that she gives rise to in the human soul.

In his 'Great Sonata', known as the Pastoral Sonata, Beethoven, who said 'No man could love the countryside as much as I do', creates a climate that is alternately peaceful or stormy, restless or luminous, a freshness that is not devoid of malice. I have associated with it the resonance of bells and the ploughing of the earth evoked by Mompou, the caress of the wind and the undulation of water sublimated by Debussy, and the terrifying heat of the flame in Falla.
Guillaume Coppola


MOMPOU Landscapes: (11’)
1- The Fountain and the Bell
2- The Lake
3- Cars of Galicia

BEETHOVEN Great sonata n°15 "pastoral", op. 28 (30’)
Scherzo - Allegro perennial
Rondo - Allegro ma non troppo

Sounds and scents mingle in the evening air (4’)
The wind in the plain (Préludes 1st book) (2’30)
Fireworks (Prelude 2nd book) (5’)

FALLA Ritual fire dance (extr. The love wizard) (4’)


Teaser Beethoven & the elements


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