Arts-Scène Diffusion

Pascal Amoyel


La prédication aux oiseaux

With Alain Carré, narrator & adaptation


Creation for the 10th anniversary of the Saint-Nicolas de Véroce Music Festival


According to Le Très-Bas by Christian Bobin

'The child left with the angel and the dog followed behind'. This is a wonderful phrase for Francis of Assisi. Little is known about him and so much the better. What we know about someone prevents us from knowing him. What you say, believing you know what you 're saying, makes it difficult to see it.

They say for example: Saint Francis of Assisi. It is said in sleepwalker, without getting out of the sleep of the tongue. We don't say, we let say. We let the words come, they come in an order that is not ours, which is the order of lies, death, life in society.

Very few real words are exchanged every day, really very little. Maybe we don't fall in love until we finally start talking. Maybe you don't open a book until you finally start hearing. The child left with the angel and the dog followed behind. "

Perhaps we are only starting a show to give voice to the silence between the words, between the notes? To communicate with the public, to share the wedding of poetry and music?

It is the wish of Pascal Amoyel and Alain Carré to highlight the great founding texts. They wanted to approach François d'Assise thanks to the so human and musical writing of Christian Bobin and the original prayers of François.


The music of LISZT, MOZART, CHOPIN... weaves a close link with the prose of the writer.


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