Arts-Scène Diffusion

Pascal Amoyel


Two Alice in Wonderland

Two Alice in Wonderland

Brigitte Fossey comedian
Alma Amoyel comedian & violinist
Pascal Amoyel comedian & pianist
Stéphanie Tesson staging 
Stéphanie Tesson and Brigitte Fossey adaptation


What would happen if Alice, now an adult, remembered her childhood dream, reviving the episodes of the wonderful journey made by her author, the prodigious Lewis Carroll? What if the same Alice by magic spells, running in the country where the imagination is queen, regains its aspect of yesteryear and lives in its own memory? Brigitte Fossey gives adult Alice her unchanging spontaneity, and resuscitates the protagonists of her adventure with enthusiasm, while Alma, accompanied by her accomplice violin, plays little Alice, for whom each encounter and each event are abysses of questioning…

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