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Quatuor A'dam



Man is a spiritual being. At all times and everywhere, he has always, while singing, expressed his beliefs, his aspirations, his relationship to a god, his questions about his place on Earth, about death, about the afterlife ...

In this ecumenical program, spirituality is illustrated in very diverse forms: catchy gospels, extreme meditation of the Little Prayers of Poulenc, very refined motets of Victoria evoking the Passion of Christ, universality of the text of Pefect day by Lou Reed or even under the form of a forgiveness in the heart of Brittany…


DE VICTORIA, Tomas Luis 
Tenebrae factae sunt
O vos omnes
Miserere mei
Duo seraphim
Jesum tradidit
Aestimatus sum
Una hora
Judas mercator

Petites prières de St François d'Assise
Plain chant

Breton Song Itron varia Rostren

GINGERICH, Brooks I bind my heart this tide

Negro Spirituals
Swing down chariot
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen

REED, Lou Perfect day

SIMON Bridge over troubled water

Traditionnal Américain O Shenandoah


Pierre François, France Catholique, Février 2018

Passer d'un style musical à un autre ou varier les compositeurs est une façon pour eux d'entretenir la succession des surprises. Leur plan d'avenir ? Continuer à bien rire ensemble. Cela tombien : leur bonhomie est contagieuse et on a vraiment plaisir à être face à eux.


Negro Spirituals - Swing Down Chariot


Breton song - Itron varia Rostren


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