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Building on the success of their first collaboration - Lalala - based on a repertoire of French chanson, Anne Niepold and the Alfama Quartet are embarking on a brand new project: a journey to the NORTH. Scandinavia, Greenland, Russia... all little-explored lands, but rich in musical themes that warm the fingers and the heart. Like the four cardinal points, classical, traditional, world and pop music come together under the pen of Anne Niepold. Original compositions inspired by the breathtaking nature she encountered on her travels to the Far North rub shoulders with Sibelius and Borodin, ABBA and Björk... NORD is an invitation to travel, an invitation to 'hygge'. But what is hygge? The cold, dark months of winter have taught the inhabitants of the boreal regions to live in extreme simplicity. Surrounded by harshness, happiness is found in the little things, in trust, in solidarity. The word 'hygge' means in Danish that moment when you allow yourself to stop for a moment, to enjoy a comforting home, to enjoy life. In fact, some Scandinavian countries have been ranked the happiest in the world for years... Come and get a taste of 'hygge', and come aboard this musical cruise. Head for the NORTH! 


Anne Niepold - diatonic accordion, arrangements and compositions 
Quatuor Alfama Alice Van Leuven - violin Caroline Denys - violin Morgan Huet - viola Renaat Ackaert - cello 

North - Anne Niepold & Alfama quartet


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