Arts-Scène Diffusion

Quatuor Ardeo


When birds make us dream

Collaboration with Les chanteurs d'oiseaux


Quartet "Opus one" (2015) - extracts

Quartet op 33 nº3 "The Bird"

Quartet "Papa Haydn's parrot" (2016)

American Quartet

A true entertainer of music, Haydn offers us motives of birds tweeting and singing throughout his 32nd string quartet. As a paraphrase of this charming piece, Swiss violinist and composer Helena Winkelman wrote an eight movement string quartet named "Papa Haydn's Parrot" in 2016. Thomas Demenga (another Swiss composer who is known as a cellist) starts his first string quartet with a scene of a morning in the forest, where the quartet imitates the voice of birds on our instruments... 

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