Arts-Scène Diffusion

Quatuor Ardeo


The call of America


John Adams, one of the greatest minimalist composer in America, wrote 10 "alleged" dances for string quartet and partly prepared piano.

Japanese composer, Joe Hisaishi (known for composing music for Miyasaki films) shows his passionate admiration to americain minimal music with his compositions. Jérémie Rhorer wrote a piece called "Spectateur Nocturne" for string quartet, being inspired by walking around the city of New York.

Over one century before these composers of today, Anton Dvorak was probably the first composer to get in touch with the Americain spirit and native music while working in New York from 1892 to 1895.


Excerpts from "John's book of Alleged Dance" (1994)

Quartet nº1 (2014)
"Night spectator"


"American" quartet n°12, op. 96


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