Arts-Scène Diffusion

Trio Talweg


Born in USA


Vitebsk Trio

Arthur FOOTE
Trio n.2 opus 65

Trio opus 150



American composers Arthur Foote, Amy Beach, Ned Rorem and Aaron Copland made a masterly contribution to the development of chamber music in the United States.

Arthur Foote and Amy Beach were part of the ‘Boston Six’, a group of composers who integrated European traditions into their music while seeking a distinctly American voice. It often reflects a romantic sensibility, with particular attention to melody and expressiveness.

Ned Rorem, renowned for his melodies and lyrical style, has often drawn inspiration from literature and poetry, creating profound links between music and words, as in his adaptations of the poems of Wallace Stevens.
Aaron Copland is often hailed as the ‘father of American classical music’. His use of Jewish folk themes in ‘Vitebsk: Study on a Jewish Theme’ is an example of how he integrated diverse cultural influences into his work. 

By combining these composers, this programme offers a perspective on how American chamber music developed through different eras, reflecting both European influences and aspirations for artistic expression unique to America.

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