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Trio Zadig


Picasso, a musical appointment!

Picasso, a musical appointment!

Concert with image projections


Pablo Picasso played an important role in the musical sphere of his time. His encounters with composers such as Claude Debussy, Erik Satie, Edgard Varèse, Manuel de Falla, Darius Millaud, Joseph Kosma, his involvement in the extraordinary adventure of the Russian ballets, not forgetting the collusion between his pictorial universe and the imagination of jazz or song: Piazzolla, Vaughan, McCartney, mean that a great deal of music is intimately linked to him.

The Trio Zadig interprets these musical works for this concert concept with image projection, entitled: "Picasso, a musical appointment!".

Picasso's paintings are projected on a screen at the back of the stage, behind the three artists.

This concert with image projection is the result of a meeting between the Trio Zadig, Sergueï Dreznin and Benjamin Trancart. 

The music offers new sensations that open up the space for dreams and contemplation. It is the eye and the ear that guide the feelings that emerge from each.

"Picasso, a musical appointment!" takes the audience on a multi-sensory celebration of Picasso's work and his musical influences.

 This musical performance with images evokes Picasso's disproportionate, chaotic and poetic inner world and underlines a permanent dialogue between light and shadow.


Zadig Trio
Sergei Dreznin, artist composer-arranger
Benjamin Trancart, motion designer artist


Musical programme

BIZET Carmen Fantasy

DE FALLA La Vie Brève / Spanish Dance

GRANADOS Spanish Dance n°5 


DE FALLA Seven Spanish Popular Songs

GRANADOS Trio in C 27


Picasso, a musical appointment!


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