Arts-Scène Diffusion

Canticum Novum



Director Bertrand Pichene

Laudario - Music in the time of St. Francis of Assisi In the mid-thirteenth century in Tuscany, under the influence of St. Francis of Assisi, popular songs are created to exalt the Incarnation and the saints. It is the time of the first "mysteries", played by the population on the forecourt of the churches, the first "crèches", processions, guilds of artisans celebrating and singing their patron saints. From this time, we have a set of manuscripts called "Laudario de Cortona", set of "laudes" written in old Tuscan, and whose musical notation is that of Gregorian (range of 4 lines, square notes). These were chanted by Franciscan fraternities, the Laudesi, who roamed the country singing the praises of God and performing scenes of the Gospel. Emmanuel Bardon & Barbara Kusa - Voice, Aliocha Regnard - Nyckelharpa, Valerie Dulac - Vièles & Lyre of bow, Philippe Roche - Oud, Gwénaël Bihan - Recorders, Henri-Charles Caget - Percussion Record co-produced by the Label Ambronay. Recorded in Egliseneuve Near Billom in December 2018 by Tirsis.

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