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Fanny Azzuro


4 (FOUR)

4 (FOUR)

duo with Adélaïde Ferrière (marimba)

CD recording program

Four Baguettes, Four Hands, Four Nationalities, Four Dances, Four Seasons, Four Letters ...

The album Four revisits the great classics of the classic repertoire with two pianos with a completely different keyboard, that of the marimba, where the ivory keys are transposed into wooden blades and the pianistic fingers are transformed into a bouquet of chopsticks creating a whole new sonic, woody and percussive universe, with the very nature of these two instruments.
Taking root from classicism to Piazzolla's most famous tango, this duo first explores the French music of Milhaud and his whimsical Scaramouche before the clicking of the bones of the funeral Danse Macabre, then sets out to discover the beginnings of American jazz with the brilliant Rhapsody in Blue, before escaping for Latin America to discover the hypnotic Danzón of Arturo Marquez, and finally embark on the long journey towards Argentina, and defend the Four seasons by Piazzolla as well as Libertango, which ends this program with panache ...
The dance, central to this program, describes this incessant round of skeletons, the frenzied samba of Brazileira, the Cuban Danzón revisited by Marquez before the incessant and relentless tango of the master Piazzolla.


SAINT-SAËNS, Camille Danse Macabre (arr. Adélaïde Ferrière) 7 ’

MILHAUD, Darius Scaramouche (arr. Adélaïde Ferrière) 10 ’

GERSHWIN, George Rhapsody in Blue (arr. Adélaïde Ferrière) 12 ’

MARK, Arturo Danzón n ° 2 (arr. Adélaïde Ferrière) 10 ’

Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas
"Otoño Porteño"
"Invierno Porteño"
"Primavera Porteña"
"Verano Porteño"
(Arrangement: Thibault Lepri) 25 ’
Libertango (Arrangement: Thibault Lepri) 4 ’


Duration: 70 mins


Danse Macabre (for marimba and piano)

Saint-Saëns : Danse Macabre, transcription for marimba and piano (with Adélaïde Ferrière)


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