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Looking for Beethoven

Looking for Beethoven


Pascal Amoyel, piano & texts
Christian Fromont, staged
Philippe Séon, lights

The day that changed my life was not a day but an evening. It was in a park, I was 20 years old. The atmosphere was serene, conducive to tranquility.
Suddenly, I heard a music that seemed to come from another world. I had been studying the piano for years and yet I did not know it. She was of an almost unreal sweetness, as condensing all human destiny.
I went home and searched my scores. I was dizzy: it was Beethoven ... Beethoven? Impossible, I did not like Beethoven! For me, his music was a little too "wild", as disjointed with fits of fury that did not leave me enough room for the dream, peace.
And yet, in those few seconds, a universe had appeared to me that I had never had access to before ... But why?
When I was a student at the Paris Conservatoire, Beethoven was considered a god made man. Before putting a finger on a key and daring to play his music we were strongly recommended a long list of precautions or prohibited. And the sentence that came back the most was: "Let's see, we do not play Beethoven's last sonatas until we're at least 50 years old!" I remember that, fear in my stomach, I entered the master classes with the feeling of not being in my place ...
But what had I heard in this park? All the opposite: a fragile music, tender, profoundly human, which had addressed only me and myself.
Then came a question to me: the music of Beethoven wringing the necks of all the conventions of his day, did not I have to start by ignoring all the prejudices of mine?
One day, I assembled on my piano his 32 Sonatas, true sonatas-confessions in which Beethoven indicated that he deposited all his life there.
It was not only his life that came up, but the whole universe ...
One could at the same time follow all the ages of the Man with his doubts, his certainties, his hopes, his aspirations, but also until the description of the birth of the cosmos!
I discovered there a light, sad, calm, angry person, so far from the frozen image that had been made to me. Above all, something unthinkable, the pains I felt personally were outmoded, as transcended by each of my plays by a kind of transmission of joy.
A musical joy that seemed to want to overcome a tragic destiny: a little boy beaten every day by a drunkard father, a teenager disappointed in love by young girls who make fun of his ugliness; a young man alone in a dirty apartment dressed in goatskin like Robinson Crusoe, roaring music in the street and put in jail for vagrancy. And then also the deaf man, seeing badly, continually sick ...
This show is the culmination of the investigation of one of the greatest geniuses that the world has carried.
His music, universally celebrated, hides an unknown man who wanted by his music to draw a Way for Humanity.
Pascal Amoyel

Bach: Aria from Goldberg Variations BWV988
Fantasy in D minor (excerpt)
Schubert: Impromptu n°3 op.90
Beethoven: Sonatas (
excerpts) op. 2/1, op. 2/2, op. 2/3, op. 7, op. 10/1, op. 10/2, op.14 (2e mouvement), op. 27/1, op. 27/2 « Clair de lune » (1er et 3e mouvement), op. 31/2 « La Tempête », op. 57 « Appassionata », op. 81a « Les Adieux », op. 101, op. 106 « Hammerklavier », op. 109, op. 110, op. 111



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