Arts-Scène Diffusion

Deborah Nemtanu


Robert Maxham, Fanfare Magazine, Juin 2018

Deborah Nemtanu's playing, always big- and raw-boned, gives the impression of challenging freshness and creativity, as well as technical assurance and tonal luster.
Next comes Ravel’s La valse; the accordion enters, and the sense of comparative normalcy in Lalo’s concerto exits. But for those who might initially object to the inclusion of that instrument, the first few moments should help dispel any qualms. The arrangement they play might be characterized as salon music extraordinaire, and those who enjoyed the stylish entertainments of, for example, I Salonisti, should feast on Henri’s vibrant transcriptions.
The idea of a “pouch symphony” seems to be its portability, and this ensemble and their soloists have packed a lot of substance, stylishly adapted, into their ample pocket. Very strongly recommended.

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