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Pascal Amoyel


Works for piano

Charles-Valentin Alkan

Works for piano

La Dolce Volta, 2013

One of the great forgotten figures in the history of music, a man admired by Liszt, nicknamed "the Berlioz of the piano" by Hans von Bülow, is undoubtedly Charles-Valentin Alkan, the best-kept secret of French Romanticism, the composer of solitary and impassioned souls.
An exceptionally gifted and vulnerable virtuoso piano, he was a demanding and inventive composer, a tormented artist who produced a kaleidoscopic and passionate body of work. Alkan is fascinating because of the mystery that still shrouds his life and his work; after a spectacular early career, he withdrew from society, taking refuge in his inner world.

"I wanted to showcase all the composer's facets, in a multifaceted way. The Grande Sonate Les quatre âges, is a colossal, gigantic work, a sort of romantic ideal of the sonata, which undoubtedly influenced Liszt's. As a counterpart to this great work, I selected shorter pieces, like the Esquisses, which show a composer who could capture a moment in time. And then I also selected a number of pieces that are both visionary and "anchored" in their era. The Barcarolle is reminiscent of Mendelssohn and prefigures Satie, as with les Soupirs for Scriabine and even Debussy. While the Nocturne is similar to Chopin's opus 32, Les Cloches and the Prélude La chanson de la folle au bord de la mer illustrate Alkan's fascination with realism, everyday life, the strange and the extraordinary."_Pascal Amoyel


Classica, 2013

Le mélomane trouvera dans cet album magique une caractéristique marquante des enregistrements Chopin et Scriabine d’Amoyel : la justesse de la respiration et des flux musicaux. Toute son interprétation repose sur cet instinct quasi infaillible. Au chapitre de cette éloquence, il y a aussi la simplicité naturelle du propos [...] Pascal Amoyel fait partie de ces artistes qui savent faire respirer et parler de musique.

Diapason, 2013

Pascal Amoyel allie force, et profondeur dans la toujours surprenante Sonate les Quatre Ages. A cette fresque qui parcourt différents stades de l’existence en une traversée du temps fantasmagorique, il insuffle une ampleur quasi métaphysique.

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