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Canticum Novum




Sefarad diaspora, from Catalonia to the Ottoman Empire


Starting from the desire to discover the diversity of musical heritage, Canticum Novum proposes to follow the journey of the Sephardim from Catalonia to the Ottoman Empire, through the Catalan, Sephardic, Turkish and Ottoman cultures of the 15th and 16th centuries. .
From Canço del Lladre to Tyrlicotissa, Canticum Novum is particularly interested in the movements of populations and cultures, origin of all musical crossbreeding ...

By rediscovering and interpreting repertoires of ancient music, Canticum Novum creates links between Western European music and the repertoire of the Mediterranean basin, rich in the union of the Christian world and an Orient marked by a double Jewish and Moorish heredity. These programs also reflect another ambition of Canticum Novum, that of positioning the human adventure and interculturality at the heart of its projects. Around the issues of identity, orality and transmission, Canticum Novum strives to constantly renew a dialogue with its audience and to accompany it through discovery, practice and creation. With regard to memory, let us continue to build bridges with the future so that music can still encourage dialogue and questioning.


Distribution :
Barbara Kusa, Emmanuel Bardon voice
Aliocha Regnard nyckelharpa & fidula
Philippe Roche oud
Ismaïl Mesbahi percussion



Sefardi - Teaser




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