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Canticum Novum



The paths of explorers and missionaries / On the way to the east

Busy thinking that they are the center of the world, Europeans can hardly imagine that, until the 17th century, their economy was beating to the rhythm of a lung that was China, and whose wealth and inventions, the silk with the compass, reached him by a capillary network of roads and passages grouped under the name, evocative of exoticism and perfumes of the Orient, of "silk road". From Chang'an to Antioch of Syria, Constantinople, Venice, Spain, these routes bring together goods and ideas, explorers and missionaries, techniques and spiritualities, in both directions, creating conditions unique exchanges, syncretism and enrichment. In his invitation to a musical journey, "Shiruku" leans against key places in this millennial chain of encounters: the Spain of the three religions of the poet king Alphonse X le Sage in the 13th century; Japan, mission land of the Navarrese Jesuit Saint Francis Xavier in the 16th century; Constantinople on the Bosphorus, eternal capital of the Byzantine, Persian and Turkish heritages and their transmission to a fascinated West.


Cantigas de Santa Maria Alfonso X el Sabio (13th century) Codex Las Huelgas (14th century)
Sephardic Romances (15th century)
Frotolle (15th and 16th century)
Maronite and Byzantine songs
Ottoman mystical pieces (15th and 16th century)
Popular and learned Chinese and Japanese music


Distribution: 16 musicians
Emmanuel Bardon musical direction
Barbara Kusa, Emmanuel Bardon vocals
Gwénaël Bihan recorders
Isabelle Courroy kaval flutes
Valérie Dulac, Emmanuelle Guigues, Nolwenn Le Guern vièles Aliocha Regnard nyckelharpa
Philippe Roche oud
Spyros Halaris kanun & lute
Henri-Charles Caget, Ismaïl Mesbahi percussion
Akihito Obama shakuhachi
Yutaka Oyama tsugaru-shamisen
Tsugumi Yamamoto koto
Jianhua Jiang erhu


Shiruku - Canticum Novum Musical Feast




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