Arts-Scène Diffusion

Guillaume Coppola


The apotheosis of chamber music


Guillaume Coppola piano
Hugues Borsarello violin
Arnaud Thorette alto
Yann Levionnois or Antoine Pierlot  cello


Mozart was at the height of his notoriety in 1785 when he decided to open - the first - the singular way of the quartet associating the piano with the strings. This rare form of chamber music in which each part finds expression fully and more freely has offered some essential pages. Thus this program brings together alongside the dramatic quartet in G minor K 478, the unforgettable quartet opus 47 by Robert Schumann dating from 1842. It is a splendid year for the composer who saw the emergence in a few months of the 3 string quartets opus 41 and the quintet with piano. Brahms joined this tradition a little later by composing in turn 3 piano quartets, the 3rd of which - sketched out in 1856 and completed in 1875 - was at the top of his chamber music production.


Quartet with piano in g, K? 478 27’

Quartet with piano in E-flat, op. 47 28’


3rd quartet with piano in c, op. 60 37’


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