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Les Kapsber'girls


Che fai tù?


Girolamo Kapsberger was a virtuoso musician and outstanding composer at the court of Cardinal Barberini in Rome in the early 17th century. His compositions still leave many questions as to their construction and interpretation, while the extreme variety of his work testifies to the artistic effervescence of pre-Baroque Italy and the immense talent of one of the geniuses of music history.

His seven books of Villanelles for one, two and three voices, published between 1610 and 1640 in Rome, are true musical gems. 

In this programme, which combines vocal villanelles with works for baroque guitar or viola da gamba, and which blends popular inspiration with the art of composition, Kapsberger and his contemporaries transport us to the heart of a poetic and bucolic universe of striking contrasts.

The incredible richness of the characters and colours of these still unknown tunes leads us to dream, surprises us, amazes us and leaves us with a strange and pleasant feeling of nostalgia...

With Che Fai Tu?, the Kapsber'girls offer a rediscovery of the first four books of villanelles by Tedesco, as he was known, through a unique interpretation.

In addition to these remarkable vocal works, instrumental pieces by Kapsberger's equally fascinating contemporaries Domenico Pellegrino and Andrea Falconieri will be performed, allowing us to appreciate the sound of the baroque guitar and the viola da gamba.

This programme is the subject of a disc published on the Muso label (March 2020) which has been awarded a Diapason d'Or, a ffff by Télérama and a Jocker Découverte by Crescendo Magazine.


Concert without intermission, 1h15 (4 musicians)


Alice Duport-Percier, Soprano
Axelle Verner, Mezzo-soprano
Garance Boizot, Viola da Gamba
Albane Imbs, Archlute, baroque guitar and conducting


Hieronymus Kapsberger (1580-1651)
(Libri di villanelle a 1. 2 et 3 voci, 1610-1619)

Che fai tu
Corrette Pescatori

G. G. Kapsberger
Toccata Settima, instrumental

Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677)
Tra le speranze e'l timore

Bernardo Pasquini (1637-1710)
Variazioni per il Paggio


G.G. Kapsberger
Spiega spiega

Tarquinio Merula (1595-1665)
Su la cetra amorosa

Domenico Pellegrini (ca. 1617 – ca. 1682)

Ricercata del primo Tuono
Baletto Primo
Corrente detta la Grimalda
Alemanda Seconda

Santiago de Murcia (1673-1739)

H. Kapsberger
Figlio dormi
O fronte serena

Andrea Falconieri (1585-1656)
La Monarca, instrumental

H. Kapsberger
Non sà che sia dolor’

H. Kapsberger
Lascivette Pastorelle
L’onda che limpida 


Toccata, Novembre 2020

« Die Bedeutung dieser Produktion ist wohl kaum zu überschätzen »

« L’importance de cette production est inégalable. »

Jean Lacroix, Crescendo Magazine, Juillet 2020

« Un disque rayonnant. »

Ferruccio Nuzzo, Grey Panther, Juin 2020

« Un cd affascinante, sorprendente, vitalizzante, primaverile. »

Traduction :
« Un CD fascinant, surprenant, vitalisant, printanier. »

Sophie Bourdais, Télérama, Mai 2020

« Tout y est, grâce, fraicheur et mouvement. »

Cécile Glaenzer, ResMusica, Avril 2020

« Ce premier disque est une véritable pépite. »

Denis Morrier, Diapason, Avril 2020

« Ces délicates mignardises sont servies avec ferveur par un quatuor fusionnel. »

Gwyn Parry-Jones, MusicWebInternational, 2020

« The CD is an unqualified delight .»

« Le disque est un délice sans réserve. »

(Recording of the year 2020)

Juan Ramón Lara, Scherzo, Janvier 2020

« Encantador en todos los aspectos resulta el exitoso disco de debut de las chicas de Kapsberger: en música, presentación e interpretación. »

« Le disque des ‘filles de Kapsberger’ se trouve enchanteur sous tous les aspects : en musique, présentation et interprétation. »

Che fai tù?

Che fai tù?

Muso, 2020


Les Kapsber'girls - All'ombra - H. Kapsberger


Che fai tù?

Piste 01 - Che fai tù?

Che fai tù?

Piste 08 - Canarios

Che fai tù?

Piste 09 - All' Ombra

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