Arts-Scène Diffusion

Pascal Amoyel


Frédéric Chopin, Intégrale des Nocturnes aux chandelles

2 concerts


"Pascal Amoyel performs a miracle that we no longer dared to hope for: quite simply an ideal version of the 21 Nocturnes by Chopin, which we listen to with open mouth, in a state of weightlessness, delighted, in the strongest sense of the term by so much beauty, and this from the first notes of the Lullaby which serves as their preamble, as if they only belonged to the dream. ”
Philippe Van Den Bosch - Classica

"Pascal Amoyel makes us completely rediscover the complete Nocturnes of the most romantic of musicians. He knows how to capture the fullness of the work, soak it up, and restore it with great depth. ”
Le Figaro

Grand Prize for the disc of the prestigious Frédéric Chopin Society in Warsaw alongside Martha Argerich and Nelson Frere, Pascal Amoyel's deeply human vision in Chopin's Nocturnes is unanimously acclaimed by international critics. As in the days of romantic salons, candlelight lighting invites us to return to the very source of our privacy. Through this secret and mystical night, Pascal Amoyel leads us to the light.


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