Arts-Scène Diffusion

Quatuor Akilone


Transversal project


We want to apply to our future concerts a contemporary way of thinking about our relationship with the living, inspired by the philosophy of Baptise Morizot, which implies a change in our paradigms. To create an artistic form that implies a different way of thinking about our relationship with other living beings, and therefore a change in the way we relate to each other, in our exchange with each other. A programme that is adapted to the concert venue, with the aim of including the audience differently in its relationship to sound, to the musicians, to itself, to space and time; and of constructing the artistic content in resonance with the venue, its history, its architecture, its acoustics and all the people who live there.

Drawing on our various experiences with the Gresinhol festival, the organisations ‘Les concerts de Poche’ and ‘Musethica’, and the experimental laboratories GMEA (Albi, France) and experimentadesign (Portugal, MERITA), we have conceptualised a form that adapts to each venue, such as churches, salons, châteaux (Romanesque and Gothic architecture), gardens, renovated sites, etc., in keeping with the artistic message of the works performed.

Our aim is to mark out this concert with pieces from the string quartet repertoire, as well as new works, and to communicate a coherent message in relation to the living world. This vast project is both a challenge and a necessity for us, on the road to our artistic fulfilment. 


Xu Yi (1963-)
World premiere

Jérôme Désigaud (1979-) / Akilone Quartet


Programme to be completed with works from the quartet's repertoire, depending on the venue.

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