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The Curious Bards


Extradition : Instrumental program


This instrumental programme offers a real immersion in 18th century Gaelic culture. Dance being at the heart of the music of Ireland and Scotland, we have chosen to focus on the two most famous types of dance at the time and today: the reel and the jig.

Ballads composed by the Irish harpist Turlough O'Carolan, and some unique pieces (such as this Highland Battle describing in music all the phases of a real Scottish battle!

All the pieces are taken from collections of tunes that represent one of the rare testimonies of the cultural heritage of an entire population.

From an Irish jig to a wild Scottish reel, you'll find yourself quickly swept up in the Curious Bards' whirlwind!



Sarah Van Oudenhove, viola da gamba
Jean-Christophe Morel, Irish cistrum
Louis Capeille, triple harp
Bruno Harlé, flutes
Alix Boivert, baroque violin & direction



Set of 3 Scottish tunes from « A collection of scots reels or country dances », 1757

The lads of Elgin
The Highlandman kissed his mother
The Fyket


Set of 3 Irish tunes

Sr. Ulick Burk (from « A collection of the most celebrated irish tunes », 1724)
The soup of good drink (from « O'Farrell's Pocket Companion for the Union Pipes », 1806)
The high road to Dublin (from « The Hibernian Muse: collection of Irish airs », c.1770)

Highland battle (from « Caledonian pocket companion », 1750)

Set of 3 Irish tunes

Mary O'neill (Turlough O'carolan)
The lads of Dunse (from « Hibernian Muse », 1770)
Port Patrick (from « Hibernian Muse », 1770)

Set of 3 Irish/Scottish tunes

Raddire en Gounish (from « A collection of the most celebrated Irish tunes » de 1724)
Marquis of Huntly's reel (from « A collection of strathspey reels » de 1781)
Mr Jo Reid's reel (from « A collection of strathspey reels » de 1794)

Rakes of westmeath (Irish instrumental with variations of Thumoth Burke, 1746)

Set of 2 tunes with variations

Rakes of Mallow (Irish instrumental with variations, 1800)
Reel of Tulloch (Scottish instrumental with variations of David Young, 1734)

Set of 3 Irish/Scottish tunes

Lady Herriot Hopes (from « Edinburgh repository of music »)
Sir Adam Ferguson's reel (from « Collection of Scots Reels, Minuets », 1766)
Bonny Lads (from « 48 original irish dances », 1795)

King of the blind (from « A collection of the most celebrated Irish tunes », 1724)

Set of 2 Irish tunes

John Nugent (« Hibernian Muse », 1770)
Bumper Squire Jones (Turlough O'carolan)

Set of 3 Scottish tunes from « A collection of Strathspey, reels and jigs... », 1797

Miss Loraine of Kirkharles
Fight about the Fire side
Lochailis away to France




Extradition (instrumental version)
Extradition (instrumental version)

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