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Quatuor Leonis


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Quatuor Leonis

Leonis Quartet 
Guillaume Antonini, violin
Sébastien Richaud, violin
Alphonse Dervieux, viola
Julien Decoin, cello

Founded in 2002 and composed of four former students of the Paris and Lyon Conservatories, the Leonis Quartet quickly distinguished itself on the international scene by winning 3rd prize at the prestigious Geneva International Competition
in 2006.

Trained by the greatest masters of the discipline (Ysaye, Debussy, Hagen, Tokyo, Berg, Eberhard Feltz, Zoltan Toth quartets, etc.), the Leonis Quartet today brings the rich heritage of the string quartet
in unique and unusual creations, at the crossroads of artistic disciplines.
After participating in the show Adagio (2011 - Directed by Olivier Py), he decided to create his own solo shows, Eclisse Totale (2014 - Directed by Manu Kroupit) which has played more than 200 dates or his latest creation L'Art délicat du quatuor (2022 - Directed by Jos Houben).
With Panenka, he joined forces with the Compagnie Antoinette Gomis in a multidisciplinary show combining music, dance and football (to be released in 2024 at the Philharmonie de Paris).
In parallel, the Leonis Quartet likes to propose objects halfway between concert and performance, such as
Cordes Électriques (2015 - quartet and electronics with composer Jacopo Baboni Schilingi) and Leonis Variations (2021 - with jazz pianist Pierre De Bethmann). The quartet also explores more literary forms
literary forms with Les Tragédiennes sont venues (2012 - musical reading with Olivier Py) and Les Années (2013 - musical reading with Ariane Ascaride).
In love with the great repertoire, the Leonis Quartet proposes a complete marathon of Beethoven's string quartets over three days (2023 - Marathon Beethoven - Fontenay-le-Fleury).

Versatile, passionate and innovative, the Leonis Quartet is committed to an open and creative approach in order to
to conquer new audiences, to raise awareness while maintaining the artistic rigour appreciated by music lovers. The quartet has performed in such varied venues and festivals as the Théâtre National du Châtelet (Paris), the Ferme du Rebout (Nièvre), the Théâtre National de Nice, the Chapelle Saint-Nicolas de Plufur (Côtes-d'Armor), the Guangzhou Opera House (CH), the Camion d'Alimentation Culturelle tour (Nièvre), the Salerno Opera House (IT) and the Avignon Festival. It has been in residence at the Théâtre National de l'Odéon for five years (directed by Olivier Py) and six years at the Théâtre de l'Aquarium, Cartoucherie de Vincennes (directed by François Rancillac) and artist in residence at the Maison de Nevers for five years.

The quartet is a Drac Bourgogne Franche-Comté approved ensemble.
As such, it is involved in cultural mediation operations, concerts "outside the walls", young audiences, the public
The quartet has been involved in cultural mediation, concerts "outside the walls", for young audiences and the disabled, and more locally in the Nièvre since 2014, when they created the Festival Les Pinces à Linges, a travelling festival of which they are the instigators and artistic directors.


Eclisse totale en Bourbonnais

Le Quatuor Leonis est en Auvergne ce week-end afin d'offrir au public du festival en Bourbonnais une version allégée de…

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Le Quatuor Leonis est en Auvergne ce week-end afin d'offrir au public du festival en Bourbonnais une version allégée de leur spectacle Eclisse totale: + de précisions

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