Arts-Scène Diffusion

Quatuor Akilone


Charlotte Gardner, Gramophone, Avril 2019

I’m taking the trouble to relay the quartet’s written thoughts because I’ve been so struck by how very audible this gradual transformation is across their three interpretations, to the extent that, having already listened extensively before reading the booklet, I didn’t need to be told that this was a rhetorical journey in time. Likewise the idea of polarity that they’ve adopted following discussions with their mentor, Alban Berg Quartet founder Hatto Beyerle; listen in the Schubert to the dynamic extremes happening on the flip of a coin, or the juxtaposition of music and silence in the Haydn second movement.
However, it is immensely classy: elegant, precise and dainty, sounding very much like a lively and intelligent conversation.
A superbly played, intelligent and thought-provoking debut. Félicitations á tous. Lire l'article

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